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What is Reef Fishing?


There’s a reason why reef fishing is so popular! It’s easy for novice anglers to enjoy and it’s loads of fun. Chances are you’ll catch a fair amount of fish, and most of them will taste good, too. There’s more to this type of fishing than a relaxing day on the water, though. In addition to small, colorful bottom fish, reefs are teeming with prestigious predators that will give even the most experienced fishermen a run for their money. All in all, reef fishing is a pastime for anglers of all ambitions.

What is Reef Fishing?

Reefs are permanent underwater structures, usually consisting of rock or coral, where a variety of species find shelter and food. These structures can be found anywhere, from lakes and coastlines (fringing reefs) to the deep sea (barrier reefs). You can go deep sea fishing in An Thoi because there are a lot of high Reef around.

Some small island locate in South of Phu Quoc Island where you can catch big fish like barracuda,cobia, diamond trevally....

Many environmentalist groups work in tandem with local governments to construct artificial reefs, which can be made from cement and PVC. Artificial reefs are also constructed by repurposing old vehicles and sinking them. These structures attract lots of sea life and improve the health of fish populations. Artificial reefs, combined with regulations, help various species to bounce-back after being overfished.

Some extend the definition of artificial reefs to include offshore oil rigs, gas platforms, and other man-made structures which serve a similar function but You only can go deep sea fishing near  the Reef around An Thoi. Anglers employ the same techniques when fishing near any of these structures which fall under the category of “reef.” 

Reef Fishing Techniques

The most prevalent techniques anglers use while reef fishing include bottom fishing, jigging, and drift fishing (since anchoring can cause damage to living reefs). These methods allow you to target any species feeding near the seafloor, such as Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Diamond Trevally, Cobia...


Reef Fishing Gear

A stout, heavy action fishing rod is essential when reef fishing. You can pair it with a spinning reel or a free-spooling trolling reel. Be sure to use a reel capable of holding a large amount of heavy test line.

Reefs can be very sharp, so you will need to choose your line accordingly. Braided line is ideal, because it’s abrasion-resistant and stretches less than monofilament. You will also need a leader (60mm-80mm -100mm) for extra protection against the rough edges of the reef. Nylon and wire leaders both have their advantages when fishing in saltwater, while fluorocarbon is preferred among freshwater anglers because it’s harder for the fish to see. But you see the sign of Barracuda, you have to prepare steel line with hook let you can catch Barracuda because their teeths are very sharp.

Anglers use a variety of baits while reef fishing. Live bait includes squid, shrimp, mullets, and other baitfish; cut bait can also prove effective, but it must be fresh.

Fishing over reefs takes experience. You have to take in account factors such as wind direction and the speed of the current in order to keep yourself in a strategic position. In shallow water, reefs can be a navigational safety hazard. Hiring a charter captain is the best way to get acquainted with this method so you can learn to fish safely and effectively.

Top Reef Fishing Spots

Some small Island around An Thoi , Phu Quoc Island: You can catch a wide variety of bottom fish here, such as Snapper, Grouper, Trevally, and more Tuna, and other big game trophies also frequent the reef.

There’s no better place than a local reef to hook into some of the most flavorful and hard-fighting fish around. You never know exactly what will be on the other end of your line, and that’s why so many anglers find reef fishing irresistible! If you love deep sea fishing and wanna do it in Phu Quoc, don't forget contact us by +84 968 090 556  or +84 907 786 100 to book deep seafishing charter. 

Refer to the secret to big fish fishing in Phu Quoc in the next article

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