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Squid fishing is an experience not to be missed by tourists whenever they have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc. With many new exciting experiences, it will definitely be an exciting journey. We invite you to join T.A Pro Fishing Tour to refer to the Phu Quoc  Squid Fishing Tour program below:

Experience the feeling of floating on the sea watching the beautiful sunset beyond the horizon
Enjoy the sea breeze at night
Show off your talent for catching squid like real fishermen
Enjoy the results of your own fishing right on the boat.

Pick up at Bai Sao or An Thoi port

17:00: T.A Pro Fishing Tour tour guide will pick you up at the hotel or at the appointed location. The group boarded the boat to depart for the Phu Quoc Squid Fishing Tour. The boat is fully equipped with squid fishing tools and bait so you can freely show off your squid fishing skills at sea. While the boat is running, you will enjoy the sunset on the sea.

Watching the sunset on the boat is very chill

18:00: This is the best time to fish because squid are easier to bite. The boat anchors in an area where, according to the experience of the boat drivers, the fishermen will have the most squid, the lights will be turned on, and you will receive squid fishing equipment.

Customers happily experience night squid fishing

The tour guide will teach you squid fishing techniques:

You will first get acquainted with the fishing rod and practice throwing bait and dropping the line to the seabed.
After releasing the line, you will initially see the line slack. You need to retract the rope 1 turn to moderate tension, occasionally jerking back slightly to simulate the movement of the bait.
Repeat the process until feeling heavy, then slowly reel in the line (at this time, the squid has taken the bait). During the process of pulling the rope, you need to be calm and skillful to avoid dropping the squid into the sea.

Enjoy the results of fishing.

19:00: You enjoy your fishing results with dishes prepared right on the boat. Then the group had dinner on the boat.

You can continue squid fishing or experience the Phu Quoc sea at night.


 Another video from T.A Pro Fishing Tour

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